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Need info on an access control system? Advanced Alarm Inc offers an array of fire and life-saving security services from affordable building access control systems to proximity cards and facial recognition access using the latest in security technology. Heres info on the various types of Access control systems to help improve and provide your commercial or residential building with better security measures.

Access Control System Types – RBAC, DAC, MAC

Role Based Access Control System Orange County Los Angeles

RBAC, Role Based Access Control is a technology known also as Non-Discretionary Access Control. Very popular with both commercial businesses and residential buildings in Southern California. Depending on the person’s role, RBAC access is given on the individual’s role in the company. This makes it easy to set access limitations based on job duties and responsibilities.

A MAC system (Mandatory Access Control) will not allow owners to set entrance privileges to a building. This type of set-up will place all users with the same info. Typically, this classifies all users and entities. Widely used in military-based security measures. MAC Access Control give priority to classified and confidential data.

MAC DAC Access Control Riverside San Bernardino

DAC also called Discretionary Access Control. An access control system type that makes owners solely responsible when granting entrance to folks entering the building or protected area. This puts security in fewer hands when setting up permissions. DAC systems also use popular computer software like Windows using Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Types of Access Control SystemsOur long-standing mission at Advanced Alarm Inc. is to keep buildings and people safe and secure with our various access control security systems. We are also here to help with fire and safety alarm installations, designs and maintenance. From scanners and fingerprint readers to facial recognition contact one of our security experts to learn more about our fire safety services. Based in Orange County, our service area includes Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino.

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