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Regardless of what type of fire alarm equipment your building has or how robust the system is, NFPA 72 mandates that fire alarm systems are tested at least once a year and those alarms connected to a fire sprinkler system are tested twice a year.

With so much riding on your system to perform properly in the event of a fire emergency, it is important to keep current with these inspections and address any maintenance and repair needs that come up.

What to expect?

During the annual inspection a knowledgeable and trained inspector will test each part of the system starting with the control panel and remote annunciator (if applicable) for proper function as well as the primary and backup power supplies.  Next, they check the devices linked to the panel which include the initiating devices such as your manual pull stations, heat, smoke and duct detectors, as well as the audio and visual notification or alarm devices such as strobes, bells, horns, voice evacuation system etc.  Relay modules that trigger a buildings fire defense response function such as fire sprinklers and the mechanisms that close off vents, shut down air conditioning systems, release or secure critical doorways, recall elevators, etc. are also tested for proper function.

And lastly, the communication system, which is the direct path of communication from the fire alarm control panel to an off-site monitoring center is tested to ensure that critical signals are being sent and received.

At the conclusion of each inspection, the property owner or property manager along with local authorities are provided with an inspection report identifying any system deficiencies that need to be repaired to return the system back to compliance and allow for proper function.

Scheduling Convenience

Depending on how large your building is or how complex the system is, it can take as little as a few hours for a single technician to perform or up to several days for a team of technicians to complete the job.

In most cases inspections can be done with minimal impact to your employees, business or tenants.  However, if an inspection during normal business hours creates too large of a challenge for you, we are happy to work with you to perform an inspection when convenient.

For larger buildings a property manager or owner can choose to have their annual inspection broken out into quarterly inspections to meet their annual inspection requirement.

Leveraging Technology

By embracing innovative technology Advanced Alarm and Fire, Inc. uses cloud-based services to offer customers with 24/7 access to secure online inspection reports.  Now building owners, facility managers and property managers can easily access and review their reports at any time to determine if any further actions are required to repair their building’s fire alarm system.

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