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Surveillance Cameras

In addition to fire and intrusion alarms Advanced Alarm & Fire, Inc. designs, installs and services closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance camera systems for commercial buildings.

Based on your business, tenant or liability needs we can help you customize a surveillance camera system that meets your building’s security needs and within your budget.  

Several Options

Your building is unique in location, use and security needs and your camera system should be designed to address areas of concern and provide you with the peace of mind that you are best positioned to act quickly and effectively when a safety or theft issue arises.

A few things to consider when thinking about a camera system for your building:

  • Function: Do you need it to operate on motion detection, during specified times or have a continuous live feed?
  • Quality: What degree of quality and clarity of imagery do you need?
  • Storage: How do you want to store your camera’s feed: Internally on in-house equipment or housed in cloud-based storage?  Do you need to store video for short amounts of time, export video files, or do you need expandable storage options?
  • Notifications:  Do you want key people to receive basic text or phone alerts or do you need more support beyond notifications?
  • Access:  Do you need to be able to review and or video live feed from anywhere in the world or perhaps from your Smartphone?
  • Monitoring:  Do you need extra protection or piece of mind knowing that your entire system is being monitored by an off-site 24/7 central station that can offer various levels of services from rapid response times to notify the local police and fire personnel on your behalf or possibly provide you with a proactive monitoring service designed to mitigate problems before they escalate to more serious incidents.  

With so many options, Advanced Alarm & Fire can help guide you to selecting the right surveillance system design, products, and additional services to ensure your property is adequately protected.

Surveillance Camera

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