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During the holiday time, business alarm systems need checking because burglaries are higher. For our clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside-San Bernardino, Ventura and Santa Barbara being aware is vital. Companies need to keep intruders out and also valuables kept safe. Here are some tips for workplaces to follow.

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Inspect Video Surveillance Systems
Make sure all cameras are working and that none have lost their best position to get the best image. Also, make sure the video is being recorded and captured.

Decor Near Security Systems
Motion sensing gets blocked by holiday decor and at the same time set off alarms. Balloons will often trigger false alarms.

Tell Security Company Holiday Business Hours
Notify your security monitoring company and also inform them of changes in operating hours. This way they are on the look out for any folks who are where they should not be.

Update Contact Info
Alarms and emergencies happen and current contact info is vital. Make sure yours is up to date at all times.

New Employee Access
For companies with more business with new temp workers, it’s also smart to only grant access to specific work areas. It’s best to have them in one spot to keep an eye on things.

Secure Valuable Storage Area
To cut theft keep warehouses and storage spots secure. One way to do this is to connect the access control system to do monitoring and prevent access.

Business Alarm Systems Holiday Tips

Your business alarm systems are to protect valuables and stock, but also keep employees safe. During holidays it’s best to have an eye out for customers, clients, employees and all who enter your office or commercial workspace. Advanced Alarm Inc. clients please reach out for more info on any of these tips.

For folks with no business alarm systems call us. We are here to help lend a hand to keep things safe. AAI offers safety, security and also fire alarm services in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Riverside.

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