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3G and CDMA technology is sunsetting in 2022

Is your alarm equipment ready for the 2022 sunset?

Advanced Alarm & Fire is your trusted partner in fire and security alarms. For customers that will be impacted by the upcoming sunset of 3G and CDMA technology, we have you covered.

Here is a list of common questions regarding the upcoming technology sunset. If your question is not listed here, you may read our latest blog in Industry News for more information on this topic or please contact us.

Can I wait until 2022?

Cellular providers have already started replacing 3G equipment that has failed or is failing with new equipment. There is not guarantee that 3G will continue to be supported in your area until 2022.

What do you recommend replacing my 3G/CDMA cellular communicator with?

Advanced Alarm and Fire stands by the best quality products on the market.  We are recommending customers with CDMA & 3G communicators to replace them with LTE devices.

LTE was launched in 2018 and alarm manufacturers have developed excellent products designed specifically to work with LTE technology. LTE is estimated to continue to be used widely in the marketplace until 2030-2033.

To determine what exact device we recommend you have installed, please contact us at 562-944-2356 x307 or admin@weprotectall.com

How much is upgrading my communicator going to cost?

The cost to replace your old cellular communicator is far cheaper than installing a new alarm system and will depend on the equipment you currently have installed.  Advanced Alarm and Fire is working with their customers to swap out their old alarm communicator in the most affordable way to ensure that customers can continue to feel safe with a new cellular communication device that will continue to send alarm signals despite the pending technology sunsets.   

To get an official quote, please contact us at 562-944-2356 x307 or admin@weprotectall.com

What payment options are accepted and available?

Advanced Alarm and Fire accepts checks, credit cards and if necessary, can establish a three-month payment plan.

What about 5G?

You may have read about 5G being the latest and the greatest technology out there, and that is true; however, industry professionals explain that 5G is designed for consumer cellular use, not for fire and burglar alarm use.  Therefore, by upgrading to LTE equipment, you will be getting the newest equipment on the market for fire and burglar alarms and it will not need to be replaced for many years to come.

How long will the installation take?

Assuming there are no other issues with your alarm system, replacing your cellular communicator is quick and should not take more than an hour to swap out the device, program it and test it.

How do I schedule my installation appointment?

Please contact us at 562-944-2356 x307 or admin@weprotectall.com

More questions?

Please contact us at 562-944-2356 x307 or admin@weprotectall.com

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